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“Katie is the secret weapon in my business”

Hi, how’s it going? Hola, ¿que tal? Oi, tudo bem? I’m Katie.

I’m a freelance translator and copywriter, helping sustainable brands and language professionals get their message across.

I fell for Spanish and Portuguese when I was a student, but my first love was English.

A lot of people are under the impression that what makes an excellent translator is their knowledge of the language they’re translating from (their source language). But professionals know that what really makes them shine is their writing ability in the language they’re translating into (their target language).

That’s why you’ll only ever catch me translating into English, my native language, and why translating and copywriting (which I only do in English) make such a wonderful combination. The main skill I rely on for both is my way with words.

Whether it’s translation or copywriting, my main focus is on travel and tourism, marketing and lifestyle.

I love working with feminist, vegan, eco-friendly brands that are dedicated to doing their bit to make the planet a better place for everyone and everything living on it.

I also help other translators with their copy. As a translator myself, I understand the industry and can help you nail the perfect tone of voice.

I can create copy from scratch based on your brief, or iron out anything that sounds less-than-native in texts that you’ve written yourself.

I’m a travel addict (the slower and more sustainable the better). The beauty of my work is that it means I can be location-independent, but my laptop comes everywhere with me. As long as I’ve got a wifi connection I’m open for business!

I’m currently based in Zaragoza, Spain, with my boyfriend and our rescue dog. But I often pop back to visit my family in Cornwall, England. I’ve also spent long periods polishing my language skills in Brazil and Mexico.

To get to know me a little better, have a listen to my podcast appearances:

Or, have a read of my freelancing story.

And when you’re not at your desk?

When I’m not squirrelled away in the cave with my laptop you can normally find me travelling, reading a good book, bingeing on podcasts, out on long walks, crocheting, swimming in a body of cold water or on the hunt for vegan tapas.

Is it just you? 

I’m an independent freelancer, but no woman is an island.

I often collaborate on copywriting projects with my wonderful mother, Juliana Uniacke. I wonder where I got my way with words from? She tends to take on projects related to interior design or for local brands in Cornwall and has eagle eyes I can always rely on for proofreading.

Find out a little more about her here.

As far as translation goes, I have a wide network of talented professionals that I collaborate with, so if I don’t work with the language pair you need just get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.

What’s next?

If you have any questions or a project to discuss, then just get in touch. It’d be magical to hear from you, whether that’s in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Oh, and for your peace of mind, I adhere to the CIOL Professional Code of Conduct – read that here.

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