The digital home toolkit for freeancers

The Digital Home Toolkit for Freelancers: Everything You Need to Know

I maaaaay have mentioned this before (read: I go on about it all the time), but one of my favourite things to do is help other freelance translators with their copy. Because they’re generally the loveliest clients you could imagine, and I know the industry like the back of my hand.

And up until now, I’ve been doing that by taking care of writing their copy from scratch, adding a little sparkle to their drafts, or sometimes a mix of the two.

But guess what? There’s now another way I can support freelancers who want to create their own websites and market their services to the world. Yep, a course!

Enter stage left: The Digital Home Toolkit for Freelancers.

The Digital Home Toolkit for Freelancers

A course I helped create alongside three other amazing women who each support other freelancers in different ways.

How DHTF came to be

When Teresa Sousa asks you to be part of a new course that she’s creating, you know there’s only one answer you can give: “Absolutely, sign me up!”. After your imposter syndrome has finished having a panic attack, that is.

I’ve known Teresa virtually since way back in the mists of time (2018) when she first asked me to help her out with her website copy. We’ve worked together on copywriting and translation projects ever since, and I proofread her SEO for translators course back in 2021.

Lots of her students told Teresa that as well as starting to provide killer SEO translation services, they’d implemented their shiny new SEO knowledge on their own websites. That gave her the idea of creating a course that covered all the different elements involved in building a strong online presence.

And whilst she clearly had everything SEO-related covered, she wanted to make sure that the other parts of the course were taught by people who really know their stuff.

So she reached out to Nicole Fenwick, Kelsey Frick and me 👋

The course summarised

The course is divided up into seven sections:

Welcome – Teresa

Everything you need to know before you dive in, plus how to nail down your personal brand, your USP and your ideal client.

Writing your own website copy – Katie

Tips for getting into the right mindset for writing, structuring your site in a way that makes sense for your business and putting together copy that shines, with ideas for specific sections you could include on different pages.

SEO – Teresa

A super-detailed module packed with knowledge on how to please the Google gods, from finding the right keywords to tutorials on using handy tools, optimising your website and finding out how it’s performing.

Off-page – Kelsey

Social media wisdom from the LinkedIn queen herself, with guidance on picking the right platform, finding your voice, writing your posts, growing your audience and keeping it consistent week after week. Mostly in the form of beautifully shot videos!

Legal must-haves for your website – Nicole

Nicole makes the stuff we’d all rather not think about (but know we have to) a lot more interesting, clearly explaining which legal documents we need on our sites to cover our backs as freelancers, and why we need them.

Bonus: making your website work for you – Teresa

A few added extras for managing your business in a sustainable way and attracting the right kind of client for you.

Freebies and goodies

There’s some gold dust in here. Included in the course you get a free one-hour SEO strategy session with Teresa and discounts on Kelsey’s and Nicole’s marvellous services.

You also get a free 30-minute copy review from me. I’ll spend 30 minutes of my time going over your copy and leaving you feedback, letting you know what I think is brilliant and what you might want to tweak. You’ll find more details about how it works in the course.

Free copy review

What we don’t cover

The course doesn’t go into the technical aspects of setting up a website, or graphic design, both of which are important parts of establishing yourself online.


Is this course just for newbie freelancers?

Absolutely not! This course would be great for someone just getting started and looking to make their mark on the freelance world, getting their name out there and building authority.

But, equally, it could be super helpful for more established freelancers who have been going for a while, but haven’t quite nailed their online presence, or are creating a new website.

How long does the course take to complete? Is there a time limit?

There’s absolutely no time limit on the course, and you’ll have ongoing access to the content including any future changes we make.

The course is totally self-paced, and there’s no rush to start or finish it.

We estimate (and our beta testers agree!) that the course will take you about six or seven hours to complete, but you might want to take it more slowly to really let the information percolate.

Are there any live sessions to attend?

No, all the content has been written and recorded in advance so you can decide when you’d like to dive into it.

There is a 1-to-1 call with Teresa included, but you can schedule that at a time that suits you.

What happens if I have a question whilst I’m going through the course?

You can easily send us your questions through the platform and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, once the preorder stage is done and dusted (it finishes on Sunday the 1st of October) and the full price kicks in, you’ll be able to access a few different payment plan options and decide which suits you best.


Still got a few burning questions? You might well find the answers in the FAQ section of the course’s landing page.

Or reach out to me anytime (katie [at] katieuniacke [dot] com] and I’ll happily answer any questions, or we can have a chat about whether the course would be the right fit for you!

Check out the course for yourself now and see what all the fuss is about.

FYI: This blog contains affiliate links, meaning I’ll get a little extra something if you use them to purchase the DHTF or SEO courses, at no extra cost to you!

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