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You’ve put your heart and soul into writing your book. So you need a translator that will do the same so that it can reach an English-speaking audience.

A literary translation is a complex thing. A translator has to strike the right balance between adapting your text so that it makes sense to an English-speaker and preserving your tone, style and voice.

The perfect translator is one you can develop a friendly relationship with, working together to make sure the eBook translation, or printed translation, is a true reflection of the original.

I’ve translated multiple short stories, children’s books and short non-fiction eBooks in the past, as well as working on two full-length projects, one fiction and one non-fiction.

I only take on projects that I’m really excited about, as literary or ebook translation takes a lot of time and commitment.

Why work with me?

Don’t just take my word for it. Read all about what Joseph de la Paz had to say about the translation of his book, The Vegan Revolution.

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“Working with Katie on the translation of my book has been a great experience. Katie delivered a professional output, on time, and she had a very positive and helpful attitude all over the process. Having worked as a translator myself, I feel lucky and thankful to have found Katie.”

Here are links to the other books I’ve translated:

Latino In London (Fiction)

At First Sight (Fiction)

The Vegan Revolution (Non-fiction)

My Shell Is So Cool! (Children’s story)

The Best Christmas Present Ever (Children’s story)

Michael The Great: The Monster Hunter (Children’s story)

The Little Monsters and Their 100th Teacher (Children’s story)

The Adventures of Daniel and Canica: The Secret of the Fish (Children’s story)

If you think I might be perfect for your book translation, then get in touch to discuss details and deadlines.

Katie Uniacke - Linguist and wordsmith

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