Here are answers to a few of the questions I get asked now and again by potential clients.

What are your rates?

Every project is different, so every quote will be too. For both my translation and copywriting services, pricing will depend on the length of the project, the topic, the word count, the complexity, and the research involved.

I charge for the majority of translation projects by the word, but apply an hourly or project rate for copywriting projects. Please get in touch for a no-obligation quote

How long will a project take? 

The amount of time it will take to turn your project around will depend on its length, the topic, and my availability. If you need something urgently, be sure to let me know and I’ll see what I can do to squeeze you in.

What’s a CAT tool?

If you’re new to the world of translation, you most probably won’t have heard of CAT tools before. CAT stands for Computer Assisted Translation, and CAT tools are software that makes translation more efficient and consistent.

They remember the way you translate certain words and phrases to be stored away for future projects.

They aren’t the same thing as machine translation tools like Google Translate. 

Do you use CAT tools in your translation?

I use one of the most popular CAT tool softwares, SDL Trados, for the majority of my translations.

I also love working with Memsource and am more than happy to familiarise myself with any tools that translation agencies might use for their projects.

Are you a native English speaker? 

Despite the quirky surname (it’s Irish!), I’m a native speaker of British English

What does being ‘location independent’ mean?

I like to throw the hashtags #locationindependent and #digitalnomad around on social media, but the first one is a better description of my lifestyle.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a digital nomad is someone who works from their laptop from anywhere in the world and is constantly on the move, perhaps settling somewhere for a few months before moving on.

I’d describe myself as being location independent rather than a digital nomad, as I like to establish a home base for a significant chunk of time and work from there, taking my laptop on mini-adventures. All I need is an internet connection and I’m in business.

I worked from a home base in Mexico and then squirrelled away in Cornwall, and I’m now based in Granada, Spain. It takes discipline, motivation and a sense of adventure to run a business like this, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Have you got any more questions? Just get in touch, it’d be lovely to hear from you.

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