My wonderful clients and collaborators have said some lovely things about working with me on their translation or copywriting projects.

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Teresa Sousa from TAGS Language Solutions

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Katie is one of the most reliable and appreciated linguists in our pool. It’s a pleasure to work with her, as she is very quick to answer, asks relevant questions, offers reasonable deadlines and is ready to go the extra mile when it comes to urgent/out of the ordinary requests. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

I was looking for a proofreader and editor for my English blog posts and website. Being a German native I knew that I needed a native English speaker to improve and polish up my writing, so that it would not embarass myself in front of my English-speaking audience. And Katie is exactly the right person for the job.

Since I have been working with Katie my life is much easier. She is really quick in answering my e-mails, turn-around times are perfect and her improvements and suggestions are exactly what I need. She gets me and what I want to say – and ultimately helps me to provide my clients with the quality they deserve. It’s a great feeling to have someone to work with regularly I can count on.

Katie really does have a way with words. Sometimes we need someone to look at our business from the outside, and Katie does that brilliantly. If you need a talented copywriter who takes the time to get to know you and your business, Katie is your woman! Not only did I receive a fantastic service, but Katie helped me with some copy through her charity initiative for Ukraine. I was able to benefit from her work in return for supporting Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders’ (MSF) work in Ukraine. Katie is a true professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Katie is my go-to copywriter when it comes to writing efficient digital copy. She’s professional, reliable, detail-oriented and meticulous, 4 qualities that anyone would look for in a copywriter.

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Katie es una traductora del castellano al inglés 100% fiable y profesional muy recomendable para proyectos que valoren la importancia del copywriting y el contenido. Nosotros cometimos el error de contratar una primera versión de la traducción a una profesional no especializada en copy y perdimos tanto el tiempo como el dinero.

Afortunadamente encontramos a Katie y tuvimos que volver a empezar, pero valió la pena. La calidad de los textos que produce es igual e incluso superior a la de los originales. A nosotros nos pasa mucho que lo leemos en inglés y nos parece que suena todo mejor, es más conciso y directo. Pero eso no es por el inglés sino gracias al trabajo de Katie.

If you’re looking for someone great with words who’s friendly, not-too-serious and has a very calming, reassuring vibe, then you should work with Katie!

Working with Katie was a fantastic idea. Oftentimes, because we are language professionals, us translators feel we should be able to write our own website copy, but the truth is writing about yourself is really hard! And if you’re not writing in your native language, it might never sound quite right.

That’s why I’m so happy I had Katie edit my copy, which she did in such detail, and thanks to that I can say this is the first time I have a website that I feel represents me and actually makes me proud. Big part of that is thanks to the security I feel knowing that such a great copywriter edited or approved every word of it.

Added bonus – Katie is SUCH a nice person to work with! She’ll take her time to understand you and your brand, and will make sure your texts are flawless. I wouldn’t doubt it if I was you. Definitely an investment you won’t regret!

Si quieres una traductora profesional, eficiente, comprometida y apasionada por lo que hace, Katie es mi recomendación.

We worked with Katie in a recurring copywriting project, and we can strongly recommend her services. As linguists ourselves, we’re quite demanding when it comes to choosing colleagues to collaborate with to help our clients, and the quality of Katie’s work was always impeccable. Also, she was friendly, approachable, flexible and accommodating when it came to accepting feedback and suggestions. We certainly valued our collaboration and will happily work with her again in the future. Thanks for all your support, Katie!

If you are looking for a native English translator, Katie Uniacke is the right choice.

She does not only have a great command of the English language, but she also catches the intention and tone of texts, what allows her to adapt her texts to the English-speaking readers.

And, what’s more, she is really nice and close when dealing with her clients!

Katie was recommended to us by a colleague. We then worked together on a copywriting project and her quality of work was very high. Working with Katie has been a real pleasure – she is extremely enthusiastic, friendly and she cares about her customers. We highly recommend her as a reliable professional with great writing skills.

Katie is a fabulous Spanish-to-English translator and copywriter and is extremely easy to work with.

Katie is a brilliant proofreader and copywriter. Her magical touch makes a text shine while retaining the tone of voice. Katie is the person I go to when I need a second pair of eyes or someone to finish off writing content that I don’t have time to complete.

She is an absolute joy to work with and her work is outstanding. She understands my needs and I trust her completely with my content.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Katie for over a year now. Katie has worked on a wide variety of copywriting projects including writing unique blog posts, social media content, email nurture campaigns and sales copy, and has been able to nail ‘my voice’. I’ve sometimes sent vague requests through, however, Katie has a knack for translating the rough outline ideas from my head into wonderfully written pieces of content, delivered exactly as I need them. Katie is the secret weapon in my business.

Katie is an excellent professional. She goes the extra mile to provide the best results and the quality of her work is outstanding. 200% recommended!

Katie wrote me a beautifully crafted text for my website, incorporating everything I had asked for. She was a pleasure to work with, professional, reassuring and great at communicating throughout the process. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!

Katie is a phenomenal copywriter with an excellent eye for detail. She immediately understood my tone of voice and helped me to elevate my text to the next level, giving me confidence in my writing. Katie is approachable, kind and a joy to work with. Working with Katie not only met my expectations but exceeded them – I would highly recommend her services.

Katie reviewed my English website copy when I redid it last year. She was lovely to work with and came up with lots of helpful suggestions that I implemented right away. So great to have a second pair of eyes on my texts, and Katie’s respectful feedback made me feel that my words were still me, only better. Many thanks, Katie!

Although translators are writers, it’s not always easy to write to persuade when you yourself are the subject. I had been thinking for a while that my website copy could be improved, but kept putting off doing anything about it. This was until I found Katie and asked her to help. I am glad I did, as she has a real way with words, making me sound more confident than I would have if I had done the copy!

It was quite a ‘wow’ moment when I read the first draft! When I was looking for an office job and going to interviews, I always wished that I could take someone with me who would say all these positive things about me on my behalf. Although we haven’t actually met, Katie has achieved this with my copy.

I also loved how she took the Watership Down theme and developed it further in a really creative way.

I appreciated the fact that she took the time to understand what I was looking for and took onboard my comments and gave me advice about what would work.

Katie comes across as a lovely, warm person in her emails and it’s been a real pleasure communicating with her.

I was expecting to get engaging and natural-sounding copy for my website. Katie produced exactly what I was looking for. I loved the way she strived to understand my business and needs!

We never hesitate to call on Katie for copywriting, especially if it involves a travel/lifestyle slant. Her extensive globetrotting experience has given her a valuable insight into the minds of certain demographics, which our clients find extremely valuable. She’s reliable, lovely to work with and never misses a deadline. Highly recommended!

We work with Katie on a regular basis. She is professional and creative, answers fast and delivers her work on time. She is also nice and kind, and it’s a pleasure to work with her. Thank you Katie!

Katie is my go-to source for awesome travel destination guides. Her writing style is relaxed and really engages the reader. I’ve been working with her for over a year now and she has really helped me grow my website fivefold during that time. She has 1st hand experience with respect to a number of destinations which is invaluable especially in the travel niche. I highly recommend working with her for articles in the travel niche as she communicates clearly & can consistently deliver excellent quality.

Working with Katie on the translation of my book has been a great experience. Katie delivered a professional output, on time, and she had a very positive and helpful attitude all over the process. Having worked as a translator myself, I feel lucky and thankful to have found Katie.

Katie has worked for us on a freelance basis for the last few years, writing product descriptions, articles and blog posts for our clients across a variety of sectors. Katie’s approach to writing is creative, thoughtful and enthusiastic, and this all really comes across in her work. She has never missed a deadline and her writing is always of a consistently high standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending Katie as an accomplished, competent and talented writer.

Katie fit perfectly into my writing team the moment she joined. Her style was spot on for my audience and her ability to craft clear and compelling content that resonates with readers is evident in abundance. She delivered well before my deadline and communication is also very timely and friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a high-quality freelance writer.

Katie has superb skills as a copywriter, with the professionalism to match. I’ve had the pleasure of contracting with her over the course of the last few years to assist with building several online assets across a diverse range of categories. Katie’s versatility and flexibility have enabled me to use her as a one-stop resource for almost all of my copywriting needs.

Katie translated Viejos Me Mudo a Londres/Latino in London for me in December 2016. She was extremely efficient, and really captured the tone of the book. Her passion for what she does shines through in her work. Highly recommended!

Katie colabora con nosotros regularmente y es una gran profesional. Seria, siempre cumplidora. Una colaboradora importante y que valoramos mucho.

We have been working with Katie for almost a year now, and have always been very satisfied with the quality of her translations. She is punctual, professional, and it is a pleasure to work with her!

Katie has worked for me over the past years in a variety of high-level freelance roles. She is keen and open to learning new things, has excellent communication and writing skills and as a bonus, she is multi-lingual. I would recommend her for important tasks that require an intelligent thought process, efficiency, and reliability.

Marilien from Optimize Happiness

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