Simple translation isn’t always enough. In the world of marketing, if you want your translations to be effective you have to go one step further.

You need to get creative and translate the message you want to convey, rather than just the words.

You need to translate the ideas behind the words, and evoke the same feelings in your new target audience as the original did text did.

The answer is transcreation. Creative + translation.

It’s the perfect blend of my copywriting and translation skills. I consider the impact that you want to have on your English-speaking audience and go from there.

Transcreation gives me the freedom to move further away from the source text, if necessary, to make sure that the finished product resonates with the target audience.

This is normally charged by the hour, not the word. That’s because a four-word slogan can take longer to come up with a perfect transcreation for than a standard 4,000-word text would take to translate.

Here’s an idea of the kind of texts I regularly transcreate:

  • Travel articles and blog posts
  • Hotel brochures and sales copy
  • Website copy
  • Social media content
  • Lifestyle blog posts
  • Content related to veganism, well-being, fitness and healthy living.

If you think my transcreation services could be perfect for your business, get in touch to discuss how we could work together.

Katie Uniacke - Linguist and wordsmith
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