Writing your own translation website copy: free PDF

Writing Your Own Website Copy: 14 Tips for Translators | Free PDF

As a translator, writing your own website copy is always a challenge.

After all, words are your livelihood, so you feel like you should be able to wrangle them into succinct texts that sound like you and convince your dream clients you’re the perfect translator for them.

But as soon as you start trying you realise writing about yourself and your business is no mean feat.

I’m a translator and a copywriter, and one of my favourite things to do is help my fellow translators with their copy and content.

Whether it’s polishing the draft of a blog post or writing their website copy from scratch, it’s an honour to be able to work with so many inspiring freelancers doing amazing things with their businesses.

Over the years, I’ve seen where freelance translators tend to go wrong when writing their own copy, and the areas in which they tend to need a nudge.

So I’ve taken all that information and packaged it up in one handy PDF you can use to help you get that website copy written once and for all.

Writing your own website copy: 14 tips for translators + a handy checklist

And remember, done is always, always better than perfect.

Happy writing!

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